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Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker Gun Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Gun DYE M2 Paintball Marker DYE M2 Paintball Marker

Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Marker Review DYE Proto Rail Paintball GunTippmann A-5 Marker .68 Caliber Gun Tippmann A-5 Paintball Marker
Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.0/5Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 5/5
Weight: 2.05 lbsWeight: 1.66 lbsWeight: 3.5 lbsWeight: 1.62 lbsWeight: 3.13 lbs
Interface: LED, can be upgraded to OLED Interface: OLEDInterface: OLEDInterface: LEDInterface: None
Material: Composite and AluminumMaterial: AluminumMaterial: AluminumMaterial: CompositeMaterial: Aluminum and Composite
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Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker GunEDITOR’S PICK – Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker – Best Paintball Gun

Looking for the best paintball gun around? The best of the best, the top paintball guns you can possibly buy that’ll work for about anything, from speedball to woodsball to tournament and anything in between? There are a few that absolutely stand out from the rest. These paintball guns display a rare combination of the very best features that most paintball markers only have one or two of.

They’re strong, they’re durable, they’re accurate, and most of all, they perform flawlessly out in the field. We’ve reviewed and rated the top markers that you can buy at many different prices – at least a few at each price range. Our ranges include guns around 200, around 300, around 500, and up. You should be able to find the marker that fits you and your budget in this list of the top paintball markers.

So, what are the best paintball guns? Let’s go over the top five in order, starting with the highest quality for your money.

Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse GTEK Paintball Marker Gun

Our selection as the best paintball gun is the Planet Eclipse GTEK paintball gun. This gun comes at a phenomenal price for the quality, right in the 500 dollar range. It’s one of the best shooting guns you’ll find, especially at that price point. It’s smooth, it’s sleek, and there’s not much anyone can say negatively about it. If you are looking at the ETEK5, this gun is definitely the upgrade over that. Let’s go into more detail as to why this is the top marker.

  • One of the quieter, smoother guns you’ll shoot. This is due to the Gamma Core Drivetrain (a spool valve) only needing 135 psi to operate, so it’s super efficient. The spring loaded trigger makes it even a smoother shot. The barrel is 14.5″, which also helps to cut down on noise. Recoil is nonexistent with this gun.
  • Speaking of the spring loaded trigger, it’s such a good stock trigger that you can walk it very easily, getting 15 balls per second even if you are fairly inexperienced. You can adjust the trigger to your liking as well. The smooth trigger and low psi really help you be very accurate with this gun.
  • The GTEK paintball gun is a lightweight gun as well. The gripframe, breech sensor covers, feedtube, and OOPS knob are all manufactured from lightweight, strong composite material. The rest is aluminum. The grips are coated with rubber for comfort. This gun weighs in at a light 2.05 pounds.
  • It’s reliable. This gun can perform in a wide range of temperatures, from the extreme heat to extreme cold, without any loss of performance! Planet Eclipse has tested it from temps as low as -20 all the way up to 100 degrees F.
  • It is a gun that can really be upgraded. The LED display it comes with can be upgraded to OLED very easily, the barrel can be changed, the trigger can be upgraded, and most aspects can be upgraded around the core.
  • It’s efficient. Many users say that this gun doesn’t waste any air, with no shot dropoff when you run lower.

All in all, the Planet Eclipse GTEK paintball marker is the best bang for your buck. Check it out for yourself –  you won’t be disappointed.

DYE M2 Paintball Marker

DYE M2 Paintball Marker

Next in line is the DYE M2 paintball gun, probably one of the best paintball guns you’ll find. You can choose from over 15 of their sweet designs, with the picture above being one of the more flashy designs. Keep in mind this is one of the more expensive guns, running around 1500 bucks on any given day. In fact, the price is what dropped this bad boy down to second in our view. If it wasn’t so pricey, this would be the best paintball gun you could get – I know, that’s kind of a catch-22.

For about 1500 dollars, you should be getting one of the best paintball guns, and that’s exactly what the DYE M2 is. Absolutely everything about it is quality, so let’s go over it in more detail.

  • OLED screen running off of the new Method Operating System. The Method Operating System gives you an in depth look of your paintball gun at any given moment. You can check internal pressures, have multiple player profiles, do service checks, and really just have far more control over your gun than ever with this. You can precisely fine tune most aspects of your paintball game with this gun. The screen is a 1 inch, full color OLED screen, with a 5 way joystick control to help you move quickly through the options. You can upgrade to MosAir, one of the top systems, which can wirelessly give you updates on your gun as you play – in your ear.
  • Another smooth and ultra-quiet paintball gun. The M2 also operates at only 135 psi for the ultimate smooth and quiet game.
  • The DYE M2 is an ultralight gun designed with the hardcore paintball gamer in mind. This UL gun is made of aluminum for good durability and lightness. It weighs in at a light 1 pound and 10.6 ounces. The hourglass frame is meant to ergonomically fit your hand. It actually comes with two lightweight barrels, the .684 and the .688 calibers.
  • The ultra high end trigger is unbeatable. The adjustable trigger is one of the best out there.

If you’re willing to spend the money, the DYE M2 is definitely the top consideration for a high end paintball gun. Everything about it is sleek, smooth, high-tech, and all around high quality. Furthermore, if you are looking for a gun to play speedball this marker is one of the best speedball paintball guns on the market.

Empire Axe Paintball Marker

If both of the above guns are a little too expensive for you, or if you’re looking for the best paintball gun around 500 dollars, the Empire Axe is calling your name. If it’s good enough for tournament players, it’s good enough for me – but, the Empire Axe does boast many outstanding features. It’s comparable to the ETEK, Reflex, and more guns in that range – actually, it’s like the Invert Mini on steroids. While reading this Empire Axe review, you will find that it is also a great speedball paintball gun.

If this gun falls more into your budget, take a look at the following specs:

  • The Axe has multiple adjustable firing modes, including semi, PSP ramping, NXL, and Millenium Ramping that’ll help you control the speed at which you can fire automatically. This also means this gun is capable of firing very quickly.
  • The regulator has an on/off switch to really make switching tanks easy. Simply turn it off the remove and replace, then turn it back on!
  • The trigger is a fully adjustable magnetic bearing trigger. Adjust it exactly how you want it, and this trigger will make your paintball game a lot better.
  • Made of all aluminum to keep the weight fairly light for a gun in this price range. The official weight comes in at 3.5 pounds, not as light as the other top guns but still pretty solid.
  • This is another ultra quiet gun that is smooth and sleek. The efficiency and quietness of this gun is a pleasant surprise.

If you are looking for the best paintball gun that won’t break the bank, the Empire Axe paintball gun is your best bet. This little paintball gun definitely deserves to be ranked up there with the top dogs in paintball.

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Marker Review

Another great gun by one of the best manufacturers in paintball, the DYE Proto Rail is one solid gun at a price point around 250 bucks. This paintball gun is one of the best ones you’ll get, especially if you are new to the sport, a beginner, or an intermediate. It’s sleek, strong, durable, and all around one of the best paintball guns.

Let’s get into a few more of the important specs and features of the DYE Proto Rail paintball gun.

  • This gun can switch to several different firing modes electronically. These include semi-auto, PSP, and fully automatic firing modes. This makes it very user friendly and easy to learn to use. They say you can actually shoot all the way up to 34 balls per second, which is amazing!
  • It’s a very light, ergonomic frame. The frame is made completely out of ultralight composite material, and it’s also extremely durable. The hourglass shape is designed to help you maintain control. The gun weighs in at only 1.62 pounds!
  • It comes with an LED heads up display that helps you monitor your paintball marker. It’s pretty solid that a paintball gun at this price point can monitor this.
  • The drivetrain operates at a low 140 psi. This helps it feel smooth, ultra-quiet, and accurate.

If you’re looking for the top paintball marker around 250 bucks, this gun is by far the best on the market. Take a look at the specs and decide if this is the gun for you! It’s recommended for beginners and intermediate paintball players.

Tippmann A5 Marker With E-Grip and Selector Switch

Tippmann A-5 Marker .68 Caliber Gun

No list of the best paintball guns would be complete without a tippmann a5 review. This is considered one of the classic Tippmann paintball markers that helped make the sport of paintball what it is today. The Tippmann A-5 is one of those classic guns that just keeps on performing. It’s solid and durable and has years and years of solid performance behind it to back that up. Ask about anyone what their first paintball gun was and they’ll tell you a Tippmann A-5 or a version of the 98. Add to that the low price of around 200 dollars and you really can’t go wrong by picking one of these guns up. If you get the combo shown here with the E-grip and selector switch, which I recommend, it’ll run closer to 300.

The Tippmann A-5 is really a reliable and good paintball gun, but it is made especially so with the options that are shown above – the selector switch and the E-grip. This gun is especially well-suited for scenario type of game play. Furthermore, when it comes to scenario and woods ball this is considered to be the best paintball gun by many people. Let’s learn a little more about this:

  • The selector switch and E-grip allow you to switch firing modes. Without these, this gun is a standard semi-auto. With the selector switch, you can go into semi-auto, auto-response, full auto, 3 shot bursts, and turbo fire. The selector switch also changes the trigger over to a magnetically activated trigger for better performance and much longer life – 7 times longer.
  • This gun is highly upgradeable. Even though it’s one of the more basic guns out there, you can have this one shooting like a high performance machine in no time. Add sniper barrels, flatline barrels, double trigger, expansion chamber, and more, and soon you’ll be outperforming almost anyone out in the field.
  • It has one of the best reputations. The A5 has one of the best reputations for a paintball gun on the market. It’s one of the oldest, been around a long time, and is simply reliable and steady.

If you are a beginner looking to get into the sport, the best paintball gun you can get is the Tippmann A5. It’s one of those guns where you just can’t go wrong by getting it – it’s cheap, it’s durable, and it won’t drop much in value if you want to resell it later on and upgrade to an even better gun. You can also just keep it and basically upgrade it to any type of gun you want it to be!

If you are looking for the best paintball gun, it’s safe to say you’ll find it on this list. We purposely reviewed the top paintball guns at many different price points in order to help you find the best paintball gun that fits your unique style, budget, and use. Our goal is to help you narrow in on the gun that was built for you to make you even better at the exciting game of paintball!