Best Tippmann Paintball Guns 2017


Best Tippmann Paintball Guns
Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Paintball Gun

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball GunTippmann 98 Custom Paintball GunTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball GunTippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball GunTippmann US Army Alpha Paintball GunTippmann US Army Alpha Paintball GunTippmann TMC Magfed Paintball GunTippmann TMC Magfed Paintball GunTippmann Gryphon Paintball GunTippmann Gryphon Paintball GunTippmann TiPX Paintball PistolTippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol
Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 3.8/5Rating: 4.4/5Rating: 4.4/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.3/5Rating: 4.1/5
Color: BlackColor: BlackColor: Tan or GreenColor: Black or OliveColor: SmokeColor: AssortedColor: Black or Olive
Army Style: YesArmy Style: YesArmy Style: YesArmy Style: YesArmy Style: YesArmy Style: NoArmy Style: Yes
Play Style: WoodsballPlay Style: WoodsballPlay Style: WoodsballPlay Style: WoodsballPlay Style: WoodsballPlay Style: SpeedballPlay Style: Woodsball
Package Option: YesPackage Option: YesPackage Option: YesPackage Option: YesPackage Option: YesPackage Option: YesPackage Option: Yes
Cost: $$$Cost: $$$Cost: $$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$Cost: $Cost: $$$

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Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Paintball Gun EDITOR’S PICK – Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Paintball is a battle game, which is played in an open field using paintball guns. However, instead of bullets, the paintball guns use dyed oil. These colored oils are fired using compressed nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Opponents fire paintballs at each other with their guns, and the one who is struck with the shot is eliminated from the game and is considered “dead.” People with anger issues and frustration are advised to join a paintball club as it lets individuals direct all their rage toward the opponent using harmless paintball guns. To be a good paintball player, many things are important such as proper gear, from proper clothes to helmets and paintball guns.

If you are a new paintball player, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before actually going into the field. It is advisable to research thoroughly before starting any sport. You need to know about the equipment and gears that it is played with and how to take care of them. Similarly, in paintball, knowing about the best paintball guns is very important.

There are different kinds of paintball guns available on the market nowadays with different specification, qualities, strengths, and weaknesses and are designed for players with different shooting styles. In this article, we are analyzing a couple of the best Tippmann paintball guns and which one among them can boost your game.

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann A5 .68 Caliber Paintball Gun

The Tippmann A5 claims to be the most famous scenario paintball marker and is considered one of the best Tippmann paintball guns. The Tippmann A5 comes with a tough aluminum body, rear and front sling mounts, an inline system of bolts, a low-profile hopper and a high-performance, 8.5-inch ported barrel. The A5 paintball gun is famous for its customization capability with different aftermarket features and accessories. Once you read this Tippmann A5 review you will see why it is a top pick and my personal favorite pick!

Main Features

The Tippmann A-5 marker was specially designed to provide speed. A patented Cyclone Feed System connects the feeder sprocket to the system of air, which makes firing the shot as fast as squeezing the trigger with your finger. The marker is highly customizable and can be opened and reassembled within the field in almost 60 seconds without any need for tools. It is a tool-free weapon that comes with a finish of tough black and an aluminum die cast receiver gracing the body design.

The Tippmann A-5 is a customizable, upgradable and affordable marker, fit for scenario play or woodsball. The gun can fire up to 15 balls per second thanks to its Cyclone Feed System without any batteries.

Players who like to transform their guns will particularly love the A-5. They will have a wide variety of options, from fixtures like a response trigger, a flat line barrel, sniper barrels, a dual trigger, an extension chamber kit, a collapsible stock and much more. It can be operated with compressed air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. There are 2 external switches for position selector which allow the players to effortlessly switch from firing to safe mode and vice versa. It has improved ergonomics with simple removable push pins, elongated front grip and a lightweight body.


  • Semi-automatic weapon
  • Open bolt blow back
  • Caliber: .68
  • Cyclone Feed System (15 balls per second without using any batteries)
  • External selector switch (easy to switch modes)
  • Light receiver design (overall weight reduction)
  • Tombstone connections (easy maintenance)
  • Clear sightline due to a low-profile hopper
  • Offset design
  • Gas line: Black for better stealth and durability
  • Fired with:
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Compressed air
    • Nitrogen
  • Round hopper: 200
  • Firing rate: 8 BPS
  • Feed rate: 15 BPS
  • 20-inch length
  • 8.5-inch barrel
  • Trigger: Standard
  • 3.1 lbs weight
  • Effective range: 150 feet

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun

The new Tippmann 98 Custom PS is an extremely basic paintball gun, specially designed for entry-level players. It is the most recent developmental stride of the renowned Model 98. It conveys the best characteristics of its past incarnations while enabling the players to redesign the marker easily. There’s also an entire group of new elements and better expediency.

The players who are new to the game will particularly appreciate the Tippmann 98 Custom as it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as regular markers and it is very simple to use. Professional players love the way the Tippmann 98 Custom can be widely modified with a collection of upgrades.

Main Features

The Tippmann 98 Custom PS is a customized paintball marker which is a part of the Platinum Series. It is a basic paintball marker gun and comes with the GXG XVSN facade mask, featuring fog-protective stealth. It has GXG paintball gravity feed loader with a 200-round hopper in black and an aluminum carbon dioxide 20 oz. tank with a pin valve. It can shoot up to 800 shots in one fill of the tank. It has a simple screw off/on design, so in order to switch the carbon dioxide tank off, you might to need to buy an extra attachment. The Tippmann 98 Custom is one of the sturdiest weapons available on the market. It is a semi-automatic device that shoots as soon as you push the trigger.

The Tippmann 98 is featured with a die cast receiver made of aluminum for more resilience. It is a completely customizable weapon for further enhancement in performance. It includes a maintenance pack, user manual, gun oil and barrel sleeve. It can be operated on nitrogen, carbon dioxide and compressed air. It features a fast-discharge feeder elbow and a detachable front grip so that the expansion chamber can be added. The marker has vertical kits and a braided gas line made of durable stainless steel. With an effective range of over 150 feet, the Tippmann 98 is an incredible entry-level marker.


  • Semi-automatic weapon
  • Caliber of the paintball marker: .68
  • Feeder elbow: Fast release
  • Barrel: 8.5 inches
  • Entirely customizable for enhanced performance
  • Detachable front grip
  • Gas line: Heavy-duty braided stainless steel
  • Effective range: 150 feet or more
  • Operates on:
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Compressed air
    • Nitrogen

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun

The new Tippmann Cronus Tactical consolidates elite performance with inconceivable strength in a slim body. The Cronus includes a solid inline bolt system that is incorporated into a high-impact body with delicate over molded elastic grips. It is supposed to be for intermediate and entry level paintball players. It is reasonable, looks good, and is easily serviceable from all viewpoints. The marker is made to last with an inflexible composite body.

Main Features

The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Gun has the capability of 280-300 FPS, which is the usual standard for almost every field. It has great accuracy, but it is not too silent. There are three primary mods of the Tippmann Cronus, including a mock silencer, movable stock and carry handle, which help finish the military look of the marker. The Cronus feels pretty natural to hold due to its elastic grips. There is additionally an inward gas line that has been introduced to enhance comfort and make the weapon simpler to move during tense times.

This marker can, without a doubt, be customized by mounting a collection of extra accessories on any one of the total four Picatinny rails. It has a smart mil-sim body design and is exceptionally lightweight, so it can be held by individuals who are shorter in stature or who don’t have good endurance as well as young entry-level players.

The Cronus includes Tippmann’s exceedingly respected inline bolt framework. However, its internals are still similar to Tippmann’s old guns. Critics get a kick out of the chance to call attention to the point that the Cronus is simply the Tippmann 98 marker within a different aesthetic. All things considered, even the toughest of critics will agree that the Cronus is the perfect marker for novice paintball players and although it resembles its ancestors, that doesn’t mean it’s bad since they perform brilliantly.


  • Comes with a GXG XVSN mask with anti-fog lens
  • Color: Black and tan
  • Design: Inline bolt
  • Gas line: Internal
  • High-impact body
  • Fixed rear and front sights
  • Includes:
    • Front sight mock silencer
    • 6 collapsible position stocks
    • Vertical grasp
    • Integrated sight carry handle
  • Four Picatinny rails
  • Ported barrel: 12 inches (high performance)
  • Three main mods of operation:
    • Mock silencer
    • Adjustable stock
    • Carry handle

Tippmann US Army Alpha Paintball Gun

Tippmann US Army Alpha Paintball Gun

The Tippmann US Army Alpha is an elite paintball gun that comes with a 3Skull set. It is a simple and affordable marker which is upgraded to accept more customization and performance enhancements. The gun is particularly heavy but very accurate. It now includes a response trigger, E-Grip and Tippmann Cyclone Feed System.

Main Features

The Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite was intended to imitate the appearance of an M-16 rifle. Its stock has a customizable lever up to 6 point that gives you a chance to change the stock length according to your preferences. This is one of the best features since you can change the firearm to suit your playing style. It mimics the M-16 carry handle that gives you a chance to carry the weapon effortlessly. Furthermore, it has a back sight that is incorporated into the marker.

You can likewise mount secondary accessories in the marker if you want, which makes it completely customizable. It features a removable barrel, yet the shroud remains on. All you have to do to eject the magazine is to haul it out. The marker has a durable, stainless steel gas line, which is very sturdy and gives it a smart look, making it aesthetically pleasing as well.

The body is made of die cast aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you at any point in the near future. Hence, you can go crazy with the gun!

The Tippmann US Army Alpha has five modular components included in the marker that create a real military look. These include a removable carry handle, removable front sight, magazine that also functions as the tool storage, collapsible stock in six positions, and a Picatinny rail with a removable barrel.

It is a highly customizable gun. The pad right beside the trigger frame is easily removable, which lets you implement upgrades by installing accessories like a feed system such as the Cyclone Feed System. It is also pretty easy to clean the gun due to its removable feed neck. The Tippmann US Army Alpha is without a doubt one of Tippmann’s best designs that we have seen.


  • Barrel length (high performance): 12 inches
  • Recessed safety: Easy to engage
  • Trigger: Easy to pull with less force
  • Lightweight
  • Completely functional charging grip
  • Over molded rubber grip
  • Weight: 10.9 lbs
  • Gas line material: Durable braided steel
  • Velocity adjustments: Easy access screw
  • Fast discharge feed elbow


Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Gun

The Tippmann TMC is a somewhat mag-fed update of the Cronus. It is a lightweight gun which is a little loud because of its high-pressure action. However, it is not excessively loud and kicks only a little bit. The main frame of the TMC is made of aluminum, and all the other parts (or the tan parts) are made of nylon. The gun can be used with both hopper and magazines but not at the same time.

Main Features

The TMC MAGFED is excellently built, and the overall ergonomics are very comfortable. Plus, the magazines are pretty awesome. The general purpose of the TMC is to attract the player who is new to magazine fed guns or lure a new paintball player who likes the flexibility of the TMC. It is not a perfect entry-level gun because of its versatile nature. The marker uses a blowback valve that works at the pressure of the tank, so the TMC operates at about 750 PSI of pressure.

The TMC can be used in numerous different styles and situations. Its build quality is something that makes the marker stand out among many other competitors.

It has a genuine AR feel and is very light in weight with a trigger frame and rubber grip ergonomics. The TMC MAGFED is a very reliable paintball gun, but disassembly is a bit difficult and you cannot do it on the field quickly.

The best thing about the TMC is that the extra magazines come fairly cheap. However, because of the mag fed design, chopping gets a bit difficult.


  • Complete pneumatic marker
  • Inline bolt system
  • Feed option: Dual (hopper or magazine fed)
  • Authentic look and feel
  • Lightweight
  • Completely functional charging grip
  • Trigger is easy to pull
  • Over molded rubber grips
  • Barrel (high performance): 12 inches with muzzle break
  • Bottom mounted
  • Gas line: Internal stainless steel
  • External position selector: 2
  • Collapsible position stock: 5
  • Hard-wearing aluminum receiver
  • Rear and front adjustable sights
  • Cohesive sling mounts
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Style shroud: AR-15
  • 4-sided Picatinny rails

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Gryphon is an entry-level paintball gun for novices or players who enjoy playing the sport casually with their friends. The marker comes at a decent price and is relatively easier to use as compared with other markers. It has an internal gas line and is good for any field, be it speedball or woodsball. It is a lightweight gun which makes it even better for new paintball players. The gun can also be easily updated, so you can give it the functionality you want in your gun.

Main Features

The Tippmann Gryphon is a gorgeous and lightweight blowback, inline marker, which is designed keeping the basics in mind, yet the results are exemplary. It follows design cues from the Model 98, aside from the top bolt. It has a powerful composite body and a 2-finger blade trigger. The .45 grip is agreeable, and the foregrip sits right before the trigger edge. The marker comes with a standard vertical locking feed where you can easily put your hopper. Despite the fact that the hopper included is average, it takes care of business. Its design is incredible for casual players or those who are simply getting into the game. Also, the Gryphon is the first beginner’s gun that has an inward gas line which gives it a smooth look.

It is extremely easy to maintain as well, which is very fortunate for beginners because usually, entry-level paintball players are at a loss for how they should take care of their markers. It has very few movable parts such as O-rings, which result in fewer chances of wear and tear.

The Gryphon’s performance is very good and even though the trigger is a bit short, it is still hard enough for you to use 2 fingers to shoot. The Tippmann Gryphon is comparatively easy to use. It is lightweight, upgradable, efficient, nearly indestructible and affordable. It is an ideal gun for newbie paintball players and if a few more improvements are to be done to the stock barrel, this gun would make an incredible contestant for a first-rate all-rounder gun.


  • Gas line: Internal (for a neater look)
  • Reliable and proven inline bolt system
  • Front grip: Firm and ergonomically designed
  • Center feed design that will improve mobility
  • Built to last
  • High-impact composite body
  • Blade trigger designed for a slicker trigger pull
  • Ported barrel (high performance): Designed to improve accuracy and reduce sound
  • Better body frame
  • New loader position to deliver an extra balance to the gun

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

Designed by Tippmann, a pioneer in the industry, the Tippmann TiPX is a military-style gun with a caliber of .68. The marker is outfitted with a Picatinny rail to mount accessories and an under-barrel carbon dioxide air system. The TiPX is an upgraded version of this pistol gun, settling a few problems and minor mechanical shortcomings that its ancestor had and enhancing the design all in all.

Semi-automatic and mag fed, the TiPX has the rudimentary look and feel of a genuine pistol. Players who lean toward a marker with a sophisticated charm will see that the TiPX can make other paintball guns look awkward and clumsy in comparison. The TiPX brags a lightweight and compact design that is perfect for solo targets or to use as a strategic backup.

Main Features

The Tippmann TiPX concentrates on superior quality, minimal effort, and low cost, looking for a balance between them without compromising any one of them for the other. Its split receiver and clamshell design offer access to the gun’s components and make it simpler to deal with the gun when it needs some maintenance.

The marker is created from a powerful and lightweight polymer. The TiPX comes with a standard A5/X7 threaded barrel whose length is 6 inches. It is also compatible with any barrel that has a similar diameter and type. This makes the matter of upgrading the barrel very simple, and you can easily purchase and fit upgrades to the barrel. This makes it ideal for players who like to personalize and modify their markers.

The TiPX features two spring-loaded magazines, each of which can hold 7 rounds. Although it may look like a little demotion from the last version, which had magazines that could hold 8 rounds, the 7-round magazines solve the problem of misfeeding, which came with the previous iteration. You can easily check if your magazine is fully loaded or not through the clear ammo windows on the sides. The magazine fixes on the foot of the gun’s grip similar to a normal handgun and remains intact while you are using it. The magazine can be released into your hand by simply pressing a button.


  • Fixed barrel device
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Gun caliber: .68
  • Action: Open bolt, forward blow
  • Semi-automatic
  • Powered by compressed air, carbon dioxide and nitrogen
  • Cartridge: 12 g of carbon dioxide
  • Shots per cartridge: 19 approximately
  • Paintball feed: Magazine
  • Capacity of magazine: 7 rounds
  • Cycle rate: 6 shots per second
  • A trigger pull shoots 1 paintball
  • Barrel length (standard): 6.25 inches or 15.875 centimeters
  • Overall length: 10.8 inches or 27.43 centimeters
  • Weight: 1.81 pounds or 0.821 kilograms
  • Effective range: More than 150 feet or 46 meters
  • Velocity: Variable
  • Barrel threads: Tippmann A5/X7


Before choosing any paintball marker, the first thing that you need to concentrate on is your budget. You don’t want to spend all your money on a gun and end up with nothing to spend on other gear and paintballs. The other thing that you need to keep in mind before buying a marker is your playing style. Every marker is different and made for different styles of players. Different markers are designed for professional players and casual players who like to play paintball in their backyards with their friends. Also, you need to see which marker fits you the best according to your stature and physique; you don’t want to go for an incredibly heavy marker if you have poor endurance.

In these best Tippmann paintball guns, my personal favorite is the Tippmann A5. It is a legendary marker that is famous for its reliability, simplicity, and ease of use. It is a standard entry-level marker that you cannot go wrong with. It has easy to find mods, and you can disassemble and reassemble it on the field in no time. I would definitely recommend it. If you are looking for something slightly different check out these best Spyder paintball guns! They make very similar paintball guns as Tippmann; however, they have a different style and make.



Best DYE Paintball Gun 2017

Best DYE Paintball Gun

Dye DM14 2014 DM Paintball Marker

Dye DM14 Paintball Gun

Dye M2 Paintball Marker

Dye M2 Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball GunDye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun

Dye Paintball DM15

Dye DM15 Paintball Gun

Proto Reflex 14 Paintball Gun

Proto Reflex 14 Paintball Gun

Rating: 4.2/5Rating: 4.4/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 3.7/5Rating: 4.5/5
Display: OLEDDisplay: OLEDDisplay: LEDDisplay: OLEDDisplay: LED
Weight: 1066 gWeight: 752 gWeight: 860 gWeight: 1130 gWeight: 952 g
Tournament Level: HighTournament Level: Very HighTournament Level: Low/MediumTournament Level: HighTournament Level: Medium
Lock Down Clamping FeedneckLock Down Clamping FeedneckLock Down Clamping FeedneckLock Down Clamping FeedneckLock Down Clamping Feedneck
Cost: $$$$$Cost: $$$$$Cost: $$Cost: $$$$Cost: $$$

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Dye M2 Paintball MarkerEDITOR’S PICK – Dye M2 Paintball Marker

From the company that lives up to its reputation and does not let its customers down comes these speedball guns. It has innovated paintball engineering by releasing a highly liked product line. It has been operating for years now, so it has a good hold over the market and knows how to innovate and add to the quality as well as features which are required for a high-end paintball gun. DYE is also known for its team of highly skilled engineers and designers.

Its guns redefine the paintball experience and give the users an upper hand. This article provides you with details regarding these efficient, durable and top-of-the-line paintball guns to give you an idea of what the paintball market is like, what type of features you must look for, and what qualifies for a good paintball gun.

There are a lot of options available in the market to cater to your specific needs. You must have a budget and an idea of what you are looking for in a paintball gun as it has been redesigned to be more innovative and incorporate great engineering skills to create a state-of-the-art assistant on the playing field.

The list below has a couple of paintball guns by DYE which we think make the cut for a great paintball gun for everyone, with the best being rated number one in our list. Let us take a look at some of these top-of-the-line paintball guns.

Dye DM14 Paintball Gun

Paintball can be an interesting, engaging and competitive sport, given the fact that you have a good paintball gun to assist you. Having a good paintball gun at hand is essential as an inefficient and low-quality gun can lead you to perform poorly as well as get hurt by others aiming their paintballs at you without any retaliation from your end. To make sure you have a good paintball gun with you, this article will break down the features as well as the reviews of one of the best paintball guns for both beginners and professionals, the DM14 Paintball Marker.

You need to keep an eye on your budget. Secondly, you must look out for details such as the material used, the precision, the power of the shooter, and the weight of the gun.

Dye DM14 2014 DM Paintball Marker


Main Features

It has an aluminum trigger for a more adjustable and smooth performance. The accuracy of this paintball gun along with its remarkable design provides maximum satisfaction and enhanced performance on the battlefield. This feature allows the paintball gun to shoot more paintballs at once so that the user can target and eliminate more targets. This gives the user an upper hand and boosts their performance as it makes the paintball gun easier to handle and makes it more user-friendly. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this feature comes in handy for anyone who is enthusiastic about this sport.

The design is also something which a lot of people love about this paintball gun, as it acts as a strategic element during the game. Off the bat, the first thing that you notice is its overall exterior design, which is like a standard paintball gun, giving it that professional look. Furthermore, its paint does not wear off unless it takes on a lot of damage.

It has incorporated innovative designs for the feed necks, allowing them to be removable. It has everything and anything that you would want in a good paintball gun, with the added bonus of redefining the classic style of a traditional paintball gun.


  • Speedy discharge magnetic fastening system
  • Ability to grasp easily due to its design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It has an adjustable feed neck
  • Color coordinated O-Rings
  • Low strain control device

DYE M2 Paintball Gun

DYE is known for making some of the top-notch, highly durable and superior quality paintball guns. It has been operating for years, so it has a good hold over the market. Some of its paintball guns are rated as the best. They cater to beginners as well as professionals, making it adaptable for everyone and easy to handle. One such model is the M2 Paintball Marker. It has a lot of qualities that make it a great paintball gun.

Let’s take a look at some of the quality features that make this paintball gun what it is and add to its performance.

Dye M2 Paintball Marker


Main Features

It features the one-inch prism OLED interface. This characteristic allows it to be a prized possession and gives it a professional touch. This feature allows the paintball gun to be changed between different shooting modes. It is a unique feature for professional-level paintball guns, which makes it worth its price. Allowing you to aim and shoot with precision and swiftness, this gun is a great companion on the playing field.

Rid yourself of the need to play with just one mode of firing and do not hesitate in exploring which mode suits you best. This feature gives the player an upper hand against the competitors and is a highly reliable paintball gun that is sure to bring you closer to victory.

It is easy to operate as well. Just because it is an expert-level paintball gun, it doesn’t mean that it has to be extra complex to handle. With its five-way control joystick, the person handling the paintball gun can better manage the gun as well as their performance. This feature allows for a smooth performance and provides ease and a better experience of playing paintball.


  • A wireless connection between the casing and body links the inner pressure sensors
  • It runs on battery power, so it is rechargeable
  • It has dual Ultralite barrel backs
  • It is not heavy to lift and carry around
  • It is a high-grade paintball gun

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun

Are you looking for a good paintball gun which is best suited for you? Are you a beginner or professional with passion for a good paintball match? If so, the DYE Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker might just be your perfect fit.

One thing to keep in mind is that buying paintball guns can be a bit costly, so you must find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget. Just because a paintball gun is expensive does not mean it will always operate well. One of these highly reputable paintball guns is the DYE Proto Rize Paintball Marker with defining features which will be mentioned in the review which make the customers buzz about it. Read on for more details about this paintball gun which is suitable for everyone.

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Gun


Main Features

It has a fourteen-inch barrel, which allows more paintballs to be fired at once, fifteen paintballs per second to be exact, giving the user a competitive edge among the rest of the competition. This will allow the user to target more players and have a better shot at hitting the specified target with maximum precision and effectiveness. This also allows the user to have a better aim along with a swift and rapid release of the paintballs. You will not miss your target, and this feature adds to its qualitative appeal.

It is easy to use as it incorporates gripping material which does not stick to your hand, allowing the user to have a firmer grip without any hassle. It is also quite lightweight like most of the DYE paintball guns, allowing the user to easily move around with it and operate it. It also has a modifiable trigger for better performance and ease of use for the user, as it allows the user to change between different shooting modes smoothly – a feature common to most DYE paintball guns.


  • It has an original hourglass clutch frame with 4 competition shooting modes
  • It has an original self-cleaning DYE M2 Eye Pipe as well as DYE Lockdown adjustable clamping feed neck
  • It has a unique bolt spool control technology
  • It is a good purchase for intermediate players looking to boost their skills level
  • It is equipped with an automatic lock to accumulate air pressure
  • It features ‘Anti-Chop eyes’ which reduces paintball damage and breakage

Dye DM15 Paintball Gun

Having a good paintball gun is a necessity for anyone who is enthusiastic about the sport of paintball. Without a good paintball gun, the player’s performance may be deficient in efficiency and may not be that enjoyable as without any retaliation, a player will not be able to have any fun. Not to worry though, as DYE has you covered with some of its best paintball guns to ensure that you have an enjoyable time on the playing field. One of its highly acclaimed paintball guns is the DM15. This article serves to provide you details of this particular model which is known for its quality performance and features that allow the paintball gun to be held in high regard for its users.

Dye Paintball DM15


Main Features

Looks are important for a great piece of engineering such as this. This gun combines style with great performance. It is not heavy in weight, so it is easy to carry around as well as operate while performing tricks and spins on the playing field. It fuses the elements of a traditional paintball gun with added innovative features of ingenuity. This model incorporates engineering skills to provide a better overall experience for the user. Its coating of paint is highly durable, so unless it attains some serious damage, it is long lasting which means that your paintball gun will look good as new no matter how much time passes.

This ensures precision over control of the paintball gun in terms of swiftness as well as pressure, which is used to aim and fire the paintballs. This also allows ease of usage as a high-pressure valve may lead to mismanagement of control over the gun, making it especially difficult to handle for beginners. This feature is assisted by its trigger which allows the user to determine the set-off velocity for the paintballs being fired. Users can adjust the contact and point of view of the target, adding to its accuracy.


  • It has color coordinated O-rings
  • It features an eye pipe enclosure to ensure that the paintballs do not break or get damaged
  • It also has a fuse bolt system
  • Low-profile outlook
  • It has a low force regulator to ensure ease of use
  • It also features a quick-release magnetic bolt
  • It has an adjustable trigger device as well as efficient and durable grasping straps
  • It has an Ultralite frame

Proto Reflex 14 Paintball Gun

From the company that lives up to its reputation and does not let its customers down comes yet another bestseller and highly reputable paintball gun, the Proto Reflex 14. It redefines the paintball experience and gives the user an upper hand. Here, we will discuss some of its main features that make this paintball gun so amazing and worthy of your money. There’s a reason why we have listed this paintball gun on number one.

Proto Reflex 14 Paintball Gun


Main Features

It is adjustable to ensure superior performance. This particular model features the fuse bolt technology, which enhances the performance of the paintball gun and ensures that the gun is easy to operate and has its underlying features fastened to provide maximum protection against any mishap. This also makes it safe to use. Its air regulator controls the flow of the air to adjust it according to the situation and allow no slips. Its trigger shooter is also modifiable to better suit your style of shooting so that you can shoot your enemies more easily.

The entire paintball gun comes equipped with a fourteen-inch barrel to ensure that maximum paintballs can be released at the same time to hit the target with precision. It has a highly long-lasting gun case with a zipper to help keep the paintball gun secured inside. The paintball gun also comes with a kit equipped with extra parts and a barrel cover along with an extra set of batteries. This allows the user to operate the gun without any problems or issues with everything at hand to provide a good and user-friendly paintball experience.


  • It has a security device for the feed neck
  • It has color coordinated O rings
  • It has a highly efficient controller
  • It has an adaptable trigger
  • It has an Ultralite framework


Paintball is a sport which can be enjoyed by a lot of people in groups as well as individual practice. It keeps the players athletically active and refines their thinking and strategic planning abilities. This is why a good paintball gun is essential for anyone who is enthusiastic about the sport and wants to enjoy the game in its entirety. Furthermore, choosing one of these DYE paintball guns will surely give you the upper hand.

Do not take our word for it; customers have held this product in high regard due to its quality features, allowing it to be used by anyone, whether new or old to the sport, as it is easy to use and highly durable. Customers have also commended the paintball gun for its sleek and smooth design as well as the price point, making it a high-quality product available at a relatively cheaper rate. Some customers have complained that it broke after a few uses. In case of any issues like this, the company has a warranty time during which unsatisfied users can return their products.

All in all, these paintball guns are highly efficient and a great purchase for you if you want to experience that ecstatic feeling while improving your athletic abilities and strengthening your mental abilities. These paintball guns will ensure a great experience for you on the playing field. You will not just be paying for a paintball gun but a redefined experience overall.

Out of the entire list of the best DYE paintball guns, we believe the Proto Reflex 14 will work the best for both beginners and experts. Hence is why we have selected it as the editors pick best paintball gun. However, keep in mind everyone has different preferences and abilities so it might not be the best DYE paintball gun on this list for you. Go through the details and judge for yourself if this paintball gun appeals to you. If not, there are always other options you could go for. Click here to see the best paintball guns of 2017.


Best Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun

Best Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse LV1.1 Pro Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

Rating: 5/5Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 4.6/5Rating: 5/5
Display: LED or OLEDDisplay: Transflective LCDDisplay: Transflective LCDDisplay: LED or OLEDDisplay: Tri-color ambidextrous LED
Weight: 934 gWeight: 979 gWeight: 987.6 gWeight: 1000 gWeight: 997 g
Material: AluminumMaterial: AluminumMaterial: AluminumMaterial: Aluminum/Glass Reinforced NylonMaterial: Aluminum/Glass Reinforced Nylon
ASA mount: Bolted to frameASA mount: Direct mount POPSASA mount: AT POPSASA mount: Bolted to frameASA Mount: AT POPS (Push On Purge)
Cost: $$$Cost: $$$$Cost: $$$$$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$

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Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball GunEDITOR’S PICK – Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

Playing paintball is one of the most gear-intensive hobbies that exist. For those who don’t know, paintball is a game which usually entails that the participants target each other using paint balls to eliminate each other from the game and win. Ordinarily, this is set in a specific location and requires specific paintball equipment to be played properly. A paintball marker or a paintball gun is one such piece of gear that is meant to enable the player to fire paintball pellets onto their opponents.

Some basic knowledge about paintball guns can help you decide which one has the features that appeal to you and are appropriate for the way you want to use it. The fundamental idea used in paintball gun is that a gas or compressed air is used to drive paintballs/pellets out at a certain speed. The triggers are used on the markers to shoot the paint balls. They can include different ways to sense you have pushed them. Other important components are the bolt and valve mechanism, which decides how the paintballs enter and leave the gun, and barrels, which control the release of the paintballs.

Planet Eclipse is a brand that is known for providing some of the most popular paintball equipment, most prominently its paintball markers. It is known for its Ego, Geo, Gtek and Etha lines of paintball guns which have been used all over the world. It is stationed in the US, UK, Taiwan and Germany. With such a large presence in the market, it has made some notable products, some of which are mentioned here.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun

The Gtek paintball gun is meant to be reasonable and ideal for rough use. It is a reliable marker to have as it is unlikely to fail you. It is made to be very durable, withstanding a wide range of temperatures. This relatively lightweight gun can fool you, but it can be a heavy-duty paintball gun to use.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun


Main Features

This gun is equipped with the Gamma Core drivetrain which Planet Eclipse uses for its well-performing guns. The sound this marker creates is minimal and when the barrel rises, it is efficient and cannot be felt at the moment the gun is fired.

The spool valve design is specific to what Planet Eclipse calls the Gamma Core technology. This ensures efficiency without having to make changes to the gun as it restricts the air that is let out when the marker shoots the paint.

The marker is also made simpler as far as maintenance is concerned. The AT pipe of the gun can be taken off without any hassle which can expose the inline regulator. The AT pipe is made of strong materials that ensure it is strong and cannot be destroyed easily. The entire gun for that matter is made to be robust and constructed entirely out of aluminum.

Some features which have appealed to users of this model are the balance and grip of this paintball marker. The balance is felt by some between the trigger frame and the foregrip. Another common idea among the buyers of this product is that the maintenance of the Gtek can be done without any hassle, unlike other markers on the market.


  • Weight: 934 g
  • Dimensions: 551.6 mm x 206.3 mm x 34.8 mm
  • Material of body, barrel, frame, feed and eye cover: Aluminum
  • Display: LED or the optional 32 x 128 graphical OLED
  • Trigger method: Micro-switch
  • ASA mount: Bolted to frame
  • Barrel: 2-piece micro-honed 14.5-inch shaft
  • Trigger mechanism: Leaf spring return
  • Solenoid voltage: 5 V
  • Processor voltage: 5 V
  • Power supply: 9 V alkaline battery
  • Grip pitch: 177 mm
  • Grip type: Contoured dual-density grip

Planet Eclipse Ego LV 1.1 Pro Paintball Gun

An improvement on the Ego LV 1, this marker is accompanied by many improvements which have made it versatile and just as accessible as the Ego LV 1. It has additional qualities like a larger valve chamber, a 2-piece barrel, and an entirely different foregrip which encompasses the entire body of the marker as its own. In its own right, the Ego LV 1.1 has earned a place much apart from its predecessor largely on account of the quantity and innovation of its new features.

Planet Eclipse Gtek Paintball Gun


Main Features

The valve in this marker is not accessible through the knock-open system. It uses a lever which ensures that the valve opens without employing too much effort and much more gently. The bolt and rammer do not generate much force this way, and there is a much smaller sound that is produced upon firing the paintball.

Some other new additions in this model include two weight rammers in the marker. This makes sure that the shots are accurate and the gun can be used with a reduced operating pressure. The rammer that is placed to load the balls into the marker is much slower as well. There are fewer fittings in this marker, and it is easier to grip and use.

This marker is also e-portal compatible, has a clamping feed with sprocket and wheel adjustment, infrared break beam eyes, a high flow onion valve and a 2-piece shaft barrel with a shaft pro tip. These are just a few of the qualities accompanying this viable paintball marker.

This paintball gun has been popular among users as an ergonomic device to use with a good grip and a simple LED screen which allows one to change any of the settings.


  • Weight: 979 g
  • Dimensions: 555 mm x 210 mm x 27 mm
  • Material of body, barrel, frame, feed and eye cover: Aluminum
  • Display: Transflective LCD
  • Trigger method: Micro-switch, photo-interrupter optical sensor
  • ASA mount: Direct mount POPS
  • Barrel: 2-piece micro-honed 14.5-inch shaft
  • Trigger mechanism: Leaf spring magnetic return
  • Solenoid voltage: 5 V
  • Processor voltage: 3.3 V
  • Power supply: 9 V battery
  • Grip pitch: 185 mm
  • Grip type: Contoured dual-density grip

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun

This marker is entirely unique in its make and use. It has been designed to look a certain way which makes the entire gun look like it is blended into all of its components. It is meant to make a statement not just for when you use it but with an aesthetic quality that is lost in other guns. The innovations in this gun are few and might be considered incompatible if you are not used to them like the barrel is a bit upward, elongating the gun, which not all users like.

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun


Main Features

The Geo CS1 works on 3 V which, compared to other markers that require 9 V, is minimal. This means that the gun has less running costs without compromising on the performance. The batteries are inside the foregrip of the gun, so you do not require any additional tools to replace the batteries. The breech sensor covers are also found in this area, so caring for them is also made very simple.

The airlines in this marker are not external or exposed; they are inside of the frame of the gun. This is an innovation for Planet Eclipse that, coupled with the placement of the regulator inside the frame without compromising on the piston, has allowed it to ensure that the marker can run on different output ranges. This marker also has a micro USB programming port, 120 psi operating pressure, and pocketed/captured air transfer seals. This one-of-a-kind gun borrows some of the qualities that can be found on the best makers around according to Planet Eclipse.

Considered one of the best paintball guns out there by some users, the Geo CS1 is an accurate marker that is liked for its weight and its allowance for firing at a quick rate as it only operates with 250 lbs of air. It has also been shown to be durable externally as well as internally with a microprocessor that can survive harsh conditions.


  • Weight: 987.6 g
  • Dimensions: 552.1 mm x 200.4 mm x 36.8 mm
  • Material of body, barrel, frame, feed and eye covers: Aluminum
  • Display: Transflective LCD
  • Trigger method: Micro-switch, break beam opto-switch
  • ASA mount: AT POPS
  • Barrel: Micro-honed 14.5-inch shaft
  • Trigger mechanism: Leaf spring magnetic return
  • Solenoid voltage: 3 V
  • Processor voltage: 3 V
  • Power supply: 2 AA 1.5 V batteries
  • Grip pitch: 174.2 mm
  • Grip type: Contoured dual-density grip

Planet Eclipse Etek 5 Paintball Gun

This gun is meant to be a stable and enduring marker which can be something you can depend on, without having to shell out too much money in the process. The gun is known to be quite a fast shooter which can be a real plus in the game. It is also a popular marker among its users who find it both ergonomic and durable.

Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Gun


Main Features

There is a 2-stage acceleration profile in this marker. This technology is what ensures that the gun can shoot paintballs more quickly. It also has a few other purposes like making sure the recoil is at a minimum as it maintains the paintballs are as imperceptible as possible upon release.

As far as the interface is concerned, it is an LED system with color so that everything can be displayed conveniently. Additionally, there is room for an upgrade to an OLED display which permits the user to attach the board without requiring a separate structure to do so. This gun also has a magnetic trigger load, integrated rammer housing, infrared break beam sensors and dual-density unibody grip.

This marker has an operating pressure of 85 psi, which is very less. This improves the accuracy of the gun, giving it a critical strategic advantage over other markers. This also ensures that the gun does not make much noise when you are using it. One of the things that has been noticed by those who purchase it is that the gun is low maintenance and it is not a very big hassle to keep it running as it is made to be durable. Check out this ETEK 5 paintball gun review for some more specs of this marker.


  • Weight: 1000 g
  • Dimensions: 552 mm x 215 mm x 31 mm
  • Material of body: Aluminum
  • Material of barrel: Aluminum
  • Material of frame: Glass reinforced nylon composite
  • Material of trigger: Aluminum
  • Material of feed and eye covers: Glass reinforced nylon composite
  • Display: LED or the optional 32 x 128 graphical OLED
  • Trigger method: Micro-switch
  • ASA mount: Bolted to frame
  • Barrel: 2-piece micro-honed 14.5-inch shaft
  • Trigger mechanism: Leaf spring
  • Solenoid voltage: 9 V
  • Processor voltage: 5 V
  • Power supply: 9 V alkaline battery
  • Grip pitch: 175 mm
  • Grip type: Contoured dual-density grip

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun

The Etha is, as described by Planet Eclipse, a marker range that is available at a reasonable price and targets those who are beginners and deciding whether or not they want to take paintballing as a full-time hobby or sport. The Etha 2, however, goes one step further by being equipped with additional features that allow it to be not only durable but also designed for elegant use.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 Paintball Gun


Main Features

This marker is found to have been made mostly of glass reinforced nylon composite, including the body of the gun which is not consistent with most of the guns Planet Eclipse is known to make, so this is one of a kind in that particular regard. This marker has been designed with a hose-less spool valve design which is known as the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain. This is a feature that Planet Eclipse is known to reserve for a few select markers.

The paintball gun is meant to ensure ease in use by being small and lightweight so that it can be maneuvered with less hassle. This also makes it simpler to maintain the gun and keep clean. Overall, this gun is meant to be every bit as useful to a beginner as it is to a seasoned player. This makes it a definite consideration for paintball players all over.

The Etha 2 is an electronic gun, so it can be used on multiple ramping modes that can be used according to the combat. Those who use it have recommended it for its incredible accuracy which is not in accordance with the reasonable price it is available for.


  • Weight: 997 g
  • Dimensions: 555 mm x 216 mm x 39 mm
  • Material of the body: Glass reinforced nylon composite sports shell and aluminum internal sleeve
  • Material of the barrel: Aluminum
  • Material of frame: Glass reinforced nylon composite
  • Material of trigger: Aluminum
  • Material of eye covers, feed and battery mount: Glass reinforced nylon composite
  • Display: Tri-color ambidextrous LED status indicator
  • Trigger method: Micro-switch
  • ASA Mount: AT POPS (Push On Purge)
  • Barrel: 2-piece micro-honed 14.5-inch shaft
  • Trigger mechanism: Leaf spring
  • Grip pitch: 183 mm
  • Grip type: Dual-density tool-less clamshell grips


Planet Eclipse is one of the most trusted and used manufacturers of paintball markers. Hence, if you are in the market for it, you should definitely consider it as your source of procuring a good paintball gun. The paintball guns mentioned here are some of the most likable ones from Planet Eclipse. Therefore, looking through them might enlighten you as to what kind of marker you might want.

Each paintball gun derives some qualities from the other to ensure versatility and using the very best attributes that the other might be able to improve. The Etha 2 is a good alternative for anyone looking to get started with paintball, and those who are already apprised of its joys might also find it appealing because it has been made from the Gamma Core which ensures accuracy to great extent and does not require a heavy marker to do so. Similar attributes can be found in the Gtek, though there is a lot of difference in the material of the two guns. A heavier option is the CS1, but it is designed entirely differently than the other two and requires much less battery power. The Etek 5 has a greater operating pressure and provides more interface options.

Overall, all the markers mentioned in this list bring something different to the table, so they can all be a good fit for you, depending on what you are looking for. We recommend the Etha 2 for beginners and professionals alike, but if your requirements are different, the other paintball guns aren’t too bad either.


Best Spyder Paintball Gun 2017

Best Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun

Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (Diamond/Black)

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Gun

Spyder Victor 09 Paintball Gun

Spyder . 50 Cal Paintball Stormer Marker

Spyder . 50 Cal Paintball Stormer Paintball Gun

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker (Black)

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.0/5Rating: 3.7/5Rating: 3.0/5Rating: 3.0/5
Can be Used for Beginners/AdvancedCan be Used for BeginnersCan be Used for AnyoneCan be Used for Beginners/AdvancedCan be Used for Beginners
Rail Site: YESRail Site: NORail Site: NORail Site: YESRail Site: NO
Mag Fed: YESMag Fed: NOMag Fed: NOMag Fed: NOMag Fed: NO
Comes in Black OnlyComes in 2 Color ChoicesComes in Black OnlyComes in Black OnlyComes in 3 Color Choices
Cost: $$$Cost: $$Cost: $Cost: $$$Cost: $$$

Scroll to the right to view all items in table


Are you feeling rather adventurous? Would you like to spend your leisure time gathering your friends and doing a highly enjoyable activity? Well, why not go for paintball? This is a highly enjoyable activity that does not necessarily require an arena. It can be played anywhere with an open space.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a professional; paintball guns are fairly easy to operate and you can get the hang of them with ease.

Do keep your budget in mind and have a little bit of an idea of what you want as even relatively cheap paintball guns can get the job done with perfection. Leave the rest to us. The paintball guns on this list consist of the best Spyder paintball guns as we believe these work best for a beginner as well as the pros.

Spyder Paintball GunEDITOR’S PICK – Spyder MR6 w/ DLS & Spare FS 9 Round Magazine Silver Paintball Gun Package

To fully enjoy this sport, you need to have a good paintball gun, which is a rather difficult task as you need to invest time and money into this. Paintball guns are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. To help make the search easier for you, we have listed some of the best paintball guns which we feel make the cut. This article is your guide to finding the best Spyder paintball gun that will give you nothing but satisfaction.

Before we move onto the list, let’s get to know the brand first. Spyder was established in 1992, with its first reputable product being a Hammer series pump action marker. It ventured into paintball guns and gave its competitors a run for their money. Gaining a good image in the eyes of the customers for its affordable and highly effective paintball guns. Spyder has dedicated a whole product line by the name of the MR Series toward engineering the best paintball guns; consisting of the Eko Valve system providing an extreme gush of air to ensure maximum meticulousness.

Spyder’s paintball guns also feature a dual loading system, allowing the user to interchange paint pellets with a quick turn of the barrel. Another prominent feature that Spyder’s engineers and designers have added to the paintball guns is the First Strike to provide maximum precision as well as handle long-range targets. With Spyder paintball guns, you can rest easy, knowing that you have a highly reputable, reliable, durable and efficient product. A few of these paintball guns include the following:

Spyder MR6 Paintball Gun

Spyder MR6

One of the most reliable and popular paintball guns is the Spyder MR6 model which is known for its sturdy build and long-lasting features. It is definitely a good companion on the playing field. It is relatively cheaper than most paintball guns, which makes it a popular choice among customers. Many of which commending this brand it for its aesthetically pleasing looks and sleek design. Others have appreciated its durability and immensely useful features that are mentioned below:

  • This design gives the user the benefit of working with the MR model, which is semi-automatic and has the well-known Hammer 7 pump ability, adding style and precision to your strikes and shots.
  • As mentioned earlier as well, Spyder is known for its dual loading system, shooting around sixty-eight caliber paintballs, allowing a smooth interchange between loading systems to stay in the game. This feature removes any possibility of the gun being jammed.
  • It comes equipped with a fourteen-inch barrel with a noise-minimizing break, rubber grips to allow a better and firm hold, fire strike pellets and nine round magazines.

This Spyder paintball gun is definitely for you if you are a beginner, as it comes with a fully equipped pack with goggles, manuals and other gadgets to get you started. It is a highly efficient, easily portable, and durable paintball gun, which is sure to meet your expectations. It is a great way to become closer to the professional league and learn how to operate a high-efficiency and carefully designed paintball gun. Furthermore, it is also a mag fed paintball gun which is awesome!

It is yours for the taking if you feel you have the guts to work with this fine piece of engineering combined with a classy deign to give you the best paintball experience. With its design ensuring safety as well as professional grade tools used to make it a quality product, this paintball gun does its job well while making the sport enjoyable, smooth and stress-free. This can be a really good accessory as well as a tool used to show other team players your skills.

Spyder MR 100 PRO Paintball Gun

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (Diamond/Black)

This particular model of the Spyder MR the series, the Spyder MR100 is mostly used by professionals but is a great purchase for beginners as well. It is safe to use and has a solid build, ensuring that there will not be any mishap while it is in use. It is very affordable and a steal considering its breath-taking, professional-level features and its fully equipped kit to make it last a long time.

Customers have appreciated this product for its affordability and ease in usage, making it a good companion for first-timers at paintball. Others have held it in high regard because of its brilliant precision backed by its top-of-the-line features that come with the MR series. It is relatively lighter but equally powerful as compared to its competitors. It has been designed to perform exceptionally well with bare minimum recoil effects. Some of its other features include the following:

  • A kit consisting of a mask with a screen composing of fog-eliminating lenses, a paintball bind, and clear tubes to store them.
  • It has a semi-automatic paintball pointer.
  • It has the well-known Eko Valve system.
  • Bar mounting with aluminum.
  • A twelve-inch barrel for target practice.
  • A trigger outline to help with your accuracy for the shot.
  • A rapid discharge pin.
  • It also has a handy velocity controller, allowing your target to be precise.
  • It can operate on carbon dioxide as well as packed air, giving it the means to shoot paintballs with maximum force.

Enjoy the thrill of playing paintball and become an expert with this high-precision gun. It will surely meet your demands by providing you with the best and professional set of tools to work with while offering an amazing time. It is surely an amazing product worth its value. This is especially the perfect product for beginners who are not sure about what they want because of its reasonable cost yet astonishing features.

Why settle for something less when this paintball gun is at your disposal, allowing you to have a great exercise and refine your skills? This is a quality product, which is sure to provide you with entertainment as well as the exhilaration of the sport itself. If you would like to learn even more about this paintball gun, check out this in depth review of the Spyder MR 100 PRO

Spyder Victor 09 Paintball Gun

Spyder Victor

The Spyder Victor 09 is an innovative and updated version of the traditional paintball gun. It probably one of the best purchases if not the best for beginners. It is very affordable and simplistic, making it a great buy. It offers a couple of features which complement its simple, durable, and efficient design. It can work well with carbon dioxide as well as compressed oxygen. It also comes with a quick release attachment, although its accuracy and consistency may not be like the professionals. It is aimed at newcomers who need to make their way up to the more advanced models.

Customer reviews back up the Spyder Victor paintball gun because of its ease of availability and simplistic instructions to guide a beginner through the whole process. Customers have praised it for being a great way to learn and brush up their aim and accuracy skills. It does not have a rapid ejection rate, but it is perfect for beginners to handle. It does require a level of maintenance as a few leakages have been reported, but they only require a minor replacement of the gun’s parts, which is inexpensive and it does need to be cleaned properly. Some of its other features which provide customer satisfaction are as follows:

  • It has the EKO Valve system, allowing precise shooting up to one thousand plus shots of paintball pellets.
  • It has an aluminum exterior to provide a sturdy body to house the essential features required for the paintball gun to function properly.
  • It has a highly efficient high-impact polymer shooting case.
  • It is short and easy to carry, unlike other more advanced models.
  • It has a steel tube.
  • Its trigger has the capacity to be operated by two fingers.
  • It comes with a packaged kit with a pointer, additional parts, tools and a manual.

If you are a beginner and want to pave your way to a successful paintball shooting, then this is paintball gun is designed for you. It is basic yet one of the best beginner level paintball guns available at a highly reasonable price, which will surely help brush up your skills as well as give you proper exposure at handling a paintball gun.

Spyder Stormer Marker Paintball Gun

Spyder . 50 Cal Paintball Stormer

The Spyder Stormer is a semi-automatic paintball gun with a 0.5 caliber. It is easy to carry because of its light weight and compact size, making it a great companion on the playing field as you can move around easily with it. Its accuracy is one of its key features, allowing the user to aim at the target with maximum precision. This feature is complemented by the Eko Valve system powered by either compressed air or carbon dioxide. It can shoot three thousand and five hundred paintball shots.

It has been commended by customers for its ease of mobility and precision. They have also complimented it for its appealing design as well as its ability to capture the seriousness of the sport itself. Some of its other features that have the customers buzzing are mentioned below:

  • Its marker is assisted by an assault-mode modifiable shoulder stock and multiple bar mounts.
  • It has a side inclination made out of aluminum.
  • It has a ring sight as well as a barrel shroud.
  • Raised sight.
  • It has a high-impact precision outline.
  • Comes with a thirteen-inch barrel with a noise minimization muzzle break.
  • Features a short pull trigger.
  • It has a strong grip.
  • It has a dual loading system, allowing the user to switch faster.
  • It is designed to look like a military weapon.
  • It has a quick release pin, allowing the user to move fast and hit hard.
  • Designed with textured clench poles.
  • It has an exterior speed controller.

All in all, it is a great product, delivering immense and efficient ammunition-based performance with maximum precision. Don’t stress about using a large number of paintballs. With this model, you can go on all day and play with your mates without the gun giving you any trouble or witnessing any failure. It operates with less ammo, giving you a better and more accurate target strike. It is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is safe to use as the tiny paintballs require less force to be shot with a reduced recoil impact on the user. If you are looking for more paintball guns with extreme accuracy, check out this article of the most accurate paintball guns.

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker (Black)

We have saved the most beloved and highly reputable Spyder paintball gun for last, the Spyder Fenix paintball gun. It uses some of the best technology to provide the user with the ultimate satisfaction and be completely worth its price. It redefines engineering skills and is proof that Spyder has some of the best people working hard to design a highly efficient, durable, and precision-focused paintball gun. Thanks to its highly advanced technology and features, it is more suitable for professionals or people who have handled a paintball gun previously, as the user must learn how to handle a more basic paintball gun first in order to be able to control and efficiently use this high-end gun. Here are some of the best paintball guns for beginners which we recommend you try at least one out first.

Customers have rated this as one of the best sellers. They have commended this Spyder paintball gun for exceeding their expectations and performing exceptionally well. Its amazing features combined with its ease of carrying and usage make it a great paintball gun to have around. It definitely gives the user a certain edge as it has a more updated and more technologically advanced design. Its design is loved by most customers.

It might be a little costly as compared to its competitors and other models, although you must keep in mind that you are getting a quality product with amazing features, high-end quality, and user-friendly features. Also, for someone who is enthusiastic about the sport of paintball and is a professional having used other paintball guns, this gun is a great option, which will defiantly leave the user satisfied.

Some of its defining features include the following:

  • An air-efficient Eko Valve system which can shoot up to one thousand and six hundred paintballs using compressed air.
  • It is much shorter and lightweight than its competitors.
  • It has three options to alter its magnetic trigger edge.
  • What sets it apart from its competitors is its electronic trigger frame which allows the user to change between ramp millennium and ramp PSP in a smooth manner.
  • The adjustable and fastened feed necks allow the paintball gun to shoot about twenty-five balls per second, giving the possessor of this paintball gun an upper hand and a great tool to step up their game. Hence, you are more likely to win if you have this gun.
  • It also features a shattering beam eye expertise which prevents the paintball gun from shooting unless and until the paintballs are properly placed in the built-in chamber. This feature prevents any fallout or mishaps, so you can be sure that you will be safe.
  • It also has a color display, allowing the user to better scout the field.

Its performance and reliability are unquestionable as it has a lot of good reviews to back up its claim. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line and sturdy paintball gun that redefines quality and provides the user with features which give them a competitive edge, this paintball gun is surely going to do the job. You will not regret this purchase.


It is important to point out that these Spyder paintball guns can provide you with not just entertainment but also a way to brush up your skills. These Spyder paintball guns can help you improve your aim and physical mobility and refine your thinking skills. Show off your skills in the best way possible while learning new tips and tricks simultaneously. Spyder provides a full manual and kit with spare parts as well, ensuring the durability of the paintball gun so that its performance will not deteriorate over time. It is a good way to spend your leisure time and a great way to get your friends together and participate in a sport which helps make you fit and smart altogether.

Hopefully, this article gave you a glimpse of what is available on the market. Now you may know which Spyder paintball gun is for you. Test these Spyder paintball guns out for yourself and see how much your game can improve with just the right gun. Live an invigorating and excitement-filled life!


Best Empire Paintball Gun 2017

After a long, hard day of work, all of us deserve an occasional time out. And what better way to release all the pent-up energy and anxiety than by indulging in a fun game of paintball? Not only will this game allow you to feel energized, but it also provides you with a medium to exercise. If you are a workaholic who doesn’t have time to hit the gym, this game will be the ideal outlet for maintaining your health while enjoying a good bonding time with your family or friends.

While you can go to paintball fields to play the game, many prefer to be provided with the tools and accessories needed to have fun in their backyard. Those of you who would rather have the option of playing paintball whenever you like should invest in buying a paintball gun.

There are various paintball guns you can select from. However, since not all the products are up to par, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the best Empire paintball guns you can get your hands on.

Empire Resurrection Autococker LTD

All those who are on the lookout for a product which combines the superior quality of old paintball guns with the aesthetics of the new products will find this Resurrection Autococker to be a decent choice amongst an array of items.

Customers have lauded the product for its performance as well as style, which makes the paintball a great addition to your game accessories and outdoor activities collection. The fact that the pressure of the paintball gun can be varied has also fared well with users.

It is equipped with various value-added features which make the investment worth it.

Main Features

This product takes the design of WGP to create a modern-looking paintball gun which is both stylish and high quality. The quality of the gun is guaranteed by the inclusion of a closed bolt system in the product. This system allows for enhanced accuracy and, thereby, makes sure you don’t miss the mark.

Many customers complain about the fact that paintball guns are hard to handle due to the instability of the products when firing them. Empire has ensured that users are left satisfied with this gun. This is done by making sure the firing platform is stable enough to deliver a smooth operation.

The inclusion of the adjustable low-pressure regulator provides users with the autonomy of deciding how hard they wish to hit their opponents. The adjustable feature also makes this game lucrative for the weak souls who would have otherwise chosen to be spectators to what they feel is a painful match.

These features made this paintball gun stand out among other products and deliver performance and accuracy at a reasonable cost.


  • The gun has a two-piece aluminum barrel.
  • The 14-inch barrel is made from a high-quality material to enhance durability.
  • A six-piece sniper kit accompanies the product.
  • The gun features an on/off lever system which is marked by high speed and responsiveness.
  • The product has a thumb adjustment feature which is backed by a clamping feed neck.
  • The paintball gun uses a sniper pump platform as a skeleton model.
  • It is equipped with a slide trigger frame.
  • The gun allows for an improved grip which is achieved through the inclusion of molded wraps with finger grooves.
  • The operating pressure offered by the gun is 350 psi.
  • It weighs two pounds.
  • The marker length is 19 inches, and the marker is mechanical.

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun

How awesome would it be if you could find yourself a paintball gun which does not require too much effort to maintain? What if we add great performance to the mix too? Well, Vanquish GT has succeeded in delivering these values.

Many have appreciated the gun for its consistent performance and high stability when operational. The fact that the body of the product has been redesigned from previous models and now features a stylish exterior has not been lost on customers.

However, some find the price of the paintball gun to be high which serves as a deterring factor when choosing the product. If you consider the features provided by the gun, you will find the comparatively high cost to be justified.

Main Features

One of the key differences between this gun and the ones that Empire has produced before is the new Vanquish sports design. The exterior of the gun now successfully hides all the hardware, thereby giving the product a refined and sophisticated look. This feature makes the product a great aesthetic addition to your collection.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the push-button bolt removal in the design has further added to the convenience of the product. The eye system of the gun is now more reliable than before and features a high-tech battery connection for optimum performance.

Moreover, an adjustable dual bearing trigger now accompanies the product. This addition allows the users to change the pressure of the force with which the paintballs are released from the gun. By providing users with such control, the manufacturers have made this product usable for a wide variety of people regardless of their pain threshold.

Additionally, the gun features a V16 drivetrain that is equipped with a direct inject technology. This technology along with other features allow users to benefit from the lack of maintenance the product requires. It also serves to enhance the efficiency of the gun.


  • The gun has a valve firing engine which contains a pressure balanced spool valve.
  • A precision pressure sensor accompanies the product which allows you to be aware of the pressure.
  • The gun includes five inserts of barrel kit.
  • A blue laser breach sensor system along with the bolt removal system allows for quick maintenance. The latter does so by preventing instances of ball breaks.
  • You can control the product via a five-way joystick.
  • The gun is easy to clean and requires a 3/32-inch hex for maintenance.
  • It weighs 8.2 pounds.

Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun

Empire Paintball was able to uphold its legacy of providing quality paintball guns with the help of the Axe Pro Gun. The product is a better and improved version of the original Axe gun and uses an enhanced design to leave its mark.

The gun has fared well with customers who have appreciated its smooth performance and consistent operation. People also find it easier to clean than other similar products within the range and, therefore, regard it as a convenient option.

Some found the gun to be too tight when taken out of the box. However, upon regular use, the gun loosened a bit and was able to provide all the features that it promised.

Main Features

Are you tired of storing a never-ending pile of tools to maintain your paintball guns? With the help of this product, you can bid that collection goodbye. This is because the design of the gun is such that it requires only two wrenches to screw on the pro. Hence, the product is the more convenient option from the lot.

The convenience offered is further enhanced by the fact that the product features a simple push-button bolt removal system which makes sure that you spend more time having fun and less on dealing with the technicalities of paintball guns.

The design contains massive improvements when it comes to ensuring the comfort of users. While playing paintball is quite fun, after prolonged exposure, your fingers will not feel the same way about it. Therefore, to make sure your hands are protected from fatigue, the design of the gun includes a grip frame and foregrip which are angled to guarantee a smooth and pain-free experience.

With the better clamping feed neck and compact design backing it up, it is hard to find major faults in this paintball gun.


  • It features the Redline OLED board which allows you to navigate with the help of a joystick.
  • It is viable to be used in all kinds of weather due to the inclusion of a weatherproof exterior and gasket.
  • Robustness marks the foregrip mounting design.
  • The gun is compact, leading to ease in handling and portability.
  • It is equipped with a modular trigger guard for efficient performance.
  • The maintenance of the trigger is improved through the addition of a screw rather than a trigger pin.
  • The design of the gun has eyes that can be maintained without the need to disassemble them.
  • The air channel of the gun is integrated.
  • It weighs two pounds.

Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun

While this gun serves to be heavier than some paintball guns available on the market, it still manages to offer superior performance via the inclusion of high-quality materials in its construction along with other improved functions.

There are various reasons why this gun has been a favorite of customers. One of the many reasons is because you can change the modes offered by the gun even when you are using it to destroy your opponents. This feature allows for an improved experience.

However, some users have reported that the butt stock is too broad for their liking and that it is hard to load the last rounds of the paintballs. Regardless of the flaws exhibited by the product, many have been quick to choose and dub it as one the best Empire Paintball guns.

Main Features

While it is true that the BT DFender Marker serves to be a little bulkier than other paintball guns, it is still quite a lightweight product. This is made sure by the inclusion of magnesium shells. The tanks are responsible for the light weight as well as the high strength that the gun manages to exhibit.

Moreover, the paintball gun operates to prevent ball chops from occurring. This is made sure with the help of the Break Beam Eyes technology. When this feature is combined with a trigger with a three-way adjustment, customers are bound to be left satisfied.

Additionally, the manufacturers have outdone themselves when it comes to offering users with a firing mode. This is because the product succeeds in delivering five methods, which range from semi to full auto modes. These modes and the fact that you can change from one to another between battles have been widely appreciated due to the convenience as well as the performance they allow you to showcase in the battlefield aka your backyard.


  • An integrated loader comes with the paintball gun.
  • It has a regulator for on/off function.
  • The regulator is equipped with an easy-to-mount rail.
  • The programmable trigger included can be adjusted.
  • The engine features pressure control to enhance accuracy when firing the paintballs.
  • An auto anti-jam accompanies the loader for smooth performance.
  • The hopper section can contain up to 230 paintballs.
  • The gun can efficiently shoot 20 balls per second.
  • The battery change and maintenance of the product do not need any tools.
  • It weighs 8.2 pounds.

Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Once you get your hands on the Empire Paintball Axe Maker, you will wonder why you ever thought investing in a rented paintball gun was a good idea. This gun is packed with all the required functions and characteristics, and it provides these benefits to users at a reasonable cost.

Customers have been quick to praise the product for its performance and have dubbed it to be an excellent value for money. They have reported that the product is easy to maintain as well as operate which makes it a win-win situation. This is because not only is the gun not going to demand too much for maintenance, but it also performs like a pro. It is all that you would ever need.

Some have reported a minor flaw in the design of the product. It is believed that the gun takes in too much air, and this issue should be worked upon and avoided. This flaw is not a major problem for the masses and hence, this gun continues to satisfy users.

Main Features

Imagine a situation where the fate of your team depends on your ability to shoot your opponents accurately. As you pull the trigger, you realize that even after all your considerations, you have failed to hit the target. Now, while such a scenario may arise due to your shooting abilities, a lot of it also has to do with the quality of your gun.

This paintball gun manages to offer premium performance to its users. Not only does it make this claim, but it also backs it up with much-needed features. For instance, the barrel is made from lightweight material which makes hitting your target as accurately as possible an easy feat.

Furthermore, the manufacturers pay heed to the comfort of the users. If you are a big fan of the game of paintball, the chances are that you spend hours after hours of your weekend shooting your friends and families as you battle it out. In such a situation, your hands and fingers are bound to ache sooner or later and you will regret your decision once you go to work the day after. This product ensures that such regret never plagues you. This is made sure by including an extended grip frame which is designed mainly to make sure your hands and fingers are protected from fatigue and pain.


  • The bolt removal system features a distinct push button which allows for ease of maintenance.
  • A relay regulator accompanies the product.
  • The on/off lever included in the paintball gun makes tank removal a piece of cake.
  • The gun is equipped with various firing modes which are adjustable.
  • It weighs 3.8 pounds.

Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun

How would it feel when you shower your opponents with over 200 high-pressure paintballs per second? Using this gun will allow you to find out. This paintball gun combines all the excellent features of Empire Paintball products and offers users the chance to have a gun which is simultaneously compact in nature.

The Mini GS Marker has been lauded for being accurate as well as easy to use. This combination makes this product perfect for users, whether they are a novice or a professional player. The product is also quite portable and easy to handle unless you prefer bigger products than this one.

However, it doesn’t mean that the paintball gun is without shortcomings. Some find the gun to be of cheap quality and prone to damage, but the reports of similar incidents have been quite a few. Therefore, it still manages to be an attractive choice for its price.

Main Features

Are you looking for a gun which manages to deliver an outstanding performance? The engine of this gun manages to offer this value with the help of a poppet engine. The engine is pressure controlled which allows for a consistently superior performance.

Those of you who are tired of the standard mode which most paintball guns offer will appreciate the fact that this gun allows for multiple adjustable firing modes. These modes provide users with the chance of choosing the pressure level of the paintballs which they wish to shoot their opponents with.

The design has been revamped to make sure you are given the best of the best. The design provides customers with the option of dropping the Redline OLED board without the need to switch the foregrip.

Moreover, to make sure you do not face any difficulty in screwing in the gun, the product only needs the help of two hex wrenches for efficient maintenance.


  • The wrap-around rubber foregrip provides a secure grip.
  • The exterior of the paintball gun is protected from paint and all other elements.
  • The ASA foregrip attachment points allow for extra strength.
  • The aluminum barrel of the paintball gun offers an accurate performance.
  • It has a regulator with a lever for on/off feature.
  • The break-beam has an anti-chop eye.
  • It has a weight of three pounds.


All of the products mentioned in the list will manage to satisfy you and your requirements. While all products are excellent in some respects, we find the Axe Marker to be the best. This is because the gun has superior quality and low cost. The fact that it takes customers’ comfort into consideration makes it the likely choice for many. Therefore, the Axe Marker is bound to satisfy you.

Regardless of which one you pick, rest assured that you will not be disappointed. This is because each of the products features smooth performance and a reasonable price. Shoot your enemy with paintballs. Buy the perfect gun and leave the concerns of your everyday life behind. Re energize, load your gun, and shoot your way through anxiety. Your body and brain will thank you for this fun workout.