Best Pump Paintball Gun

Best Pump Paintball Gun

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished BlackEmpire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished BlackKingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker, Olive Green FinishKingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker, Olive Green FinishAzodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball MarkerAzodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball MarkerJT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, RedJT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, RedJT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS KitJT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit
Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.0/5Rating: 4.0/5Rating: 3.9/5Rating: 4.0/5
Weight: 2.1 lbsWeight: 2.7 lbsWeight: 2.7 lbsWeight: 3.3 lbsWeight: 2.8 lbs
Range: 50 ftRange: 50 ftRange: 50 ftRange: 50 ftRange: 50 ft
Firing rate: 20 balls/sFiring rate: 25 balls/sFiring rate: 8 balls/sFiring rate: 2 balls/sFiring rate: 5 balls/s
Caliber: .675, .680, .685Caliber: .68Caliber: .685Caliber: .50Caliber: .68
Cost: $$$Cost: $$Cost: $$$Cost: $Cost: $

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Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished BlackEDITOR’S PICK – Empire Pump Paintball Gun

Nowadays electronic paintball guns are the norm. This doesn’t mean, however, that players don’t have other options. The alternatives are mechanical and pump markers. The latter were the first guns used for playing paintball, but they can still be found both in stores and online. Some players even prefer them to the faster and more sophisticated options. If you’d like to try out a pump version of a paintball gun, browse through this list to find the best pump paintball gun.

1. Empire Pump Paintball Gun

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished Black

The history of this model goes back to 1986, when the first Sniper gun was designed. Its popularity among paintball players, however, has never waned. This is mostly thanks to its tough build and reliable performance. But don’t just take our word for it – check out its pros and cons! This may very well be the best pump paintball gun on the market!


This marker is built to endure rough conditions. It features an aluminum barrel and stainless steel rods. Although this makes it sound heavy, it weighs just a bit more than 2 pounds. The end result is a durable, yet very user-friendly marker. Semi-automatic guns are usually a lot faster than pumps, but this one comes really close. Its accuracy starts decreasing only at distances larger than 50 feet. It’s equipped with a T-mounted ASA and an auto trigger. Also, it has adapters that allow both right and left-handed players to use it with ease.


Most players are very content with the Sniper. Some, however, believe that its 3-piece barrel kit is simply not enough. Others complain that there aren’t many upgrades available. But all things considered, this is a great piece of equipment!

2. Kingman Spyder Pump Paintball Marker

Kingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker, Olive Green Finish

The second model on our list is commonly known as the Hammer. It boasts a very original design that can be described as a mix between shotguns and pistols. Apart from that, it’s one of the best pump paintball guns available. Here’s a list of its pros and cons!


The Hammer is made of hard plastic. This means that it’s at once very tough and lightweight. In terms of performance, it offers the best of two different worlds – shotguns and pistols. It’s equipped with a 12-inch barrel and a 9-round magazine. The latter is compatible with First Strike paintballs, meaning it can be super accurate. And that’s not all, since they expand its range as well. Also, it features an auto trigger that allows for fast shooting.


Although the Hammer offers a great mix of two different worlds, this can get tricky. Some players have reported that the magazines have caused them trouble. Others say they’ve had to use tools to switch feeds. In spite of its cons, the gun is considered to be one of the safest choices for paintball players and deserves to be number two in the competition for the best pump paintball gun.

3. Azodin KP3 Pump Paintball Gun

Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball Marker

Azodin’s model boasts three features that improve both performance and durability. They’re also the reason why this marker is so popular among paintball players. But here are some facts that will make it harder for you to doubt the Kaos’ worth!


The features we’ve just mentioned are the MP system, the Twist Lock and the Stainless Steel rod. The Muffle Percussion system consists of a valve, a muffle striker, a silence bolt and an inline regulator. Together they make this marker super silent without affecting its performance. The Twist Lock allows the player to lock the hopper quickly and with ease. And last but not least, the Stainless Steel rod increases both the durability and the firing capability of the gun.


The Kaos is not perfect – it has some disadvantages as well. Some players are saying that the pump arm and the barrel are too close to each other. Others find faults with the finish, claiming it’s low-quality. But all in all, this model is yet another solid piece of paintball equipment, especially if you’re a beginner!

4. JT SplatMaster Pump Paintball Shotgun

JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, Red

You’ll have a hard time finding a pump gun that’s more affordable than this one. It’s one of the main reasons why it’s so popular among paintball players. But it doesn’t mean it’s an otherwise worthless piece of equipment. Check out its features to decide for yourself!


The SplatMaster is not made of stainless steel like some other guns on this list. However, people say it’s still tough and quite durable. In terms of performance, it’s a solid piece of equipment. Its range is 100 feet, although its accuracy drops after 50. Its pump is made to allow for fast shooting, and the gun does it with relative ease. What’s best of all, this marker doesn’t need CO2 or batteries to work properly.


Those who’ve tried the SplatMaster often complain about its trigger. Most say it gets pretty hard to pull it after a while. Some say they’ve experienced problems with air tanks and CO2 leakages. Others claim the gun doesn’t keep the paintballs in place, causing problems with shooting. Most players, however, believe that this model makes up for all that with its affordability!

5. JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit

This neat little pump pistol is the second JT model on our list. It’s even more affordable than the previous one, but it has its advantages as well. If you doubt it, simply read what follows and you’ll get the picture!


Unlike the SplatMaster, this is a pistol-style model. It’s lightweight, which makes it the ideal choice for beginners. And although it’s not made of high-quality materials, it’s still quite durable. It shooting range is 100 feet, but this doesn’t mean it’s that accurate. You can expect it to hit the target when it’s up to 50 feet away. The pump is easy to handle and can even do some fast shooting.


One of the biggest objections to the pistol is that it sometimes chops paintballs. Some players have had troubles with the trigger and others with the air tank. A few of them have complained about the cartridges and their unreliability. But all things considered, this model is not a bad choice for beginners! Though it may not be the best pump paintball gun available, it sure is the best one for the price!

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