What to Wear for Paintball

What to Wear for Paintball

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You are ready to play a competitive game of paintball. You have your gun, paintballs, and CO2, all you need to do now is to suit up, but what is the best clothing to wear when playing paintball?

One of the first things you will want to decide is where you will play, what kind of game will you be playing, and what climate you will be playing in.

Always put safety first and follow it up with common sense when you are choosing your clothing and gear, and what to wear for paintball.

Protection, Protection, Protection

Even if this is your first time out on the field, you should be familiar with the game. You must know that you are taking a huge risk of walking off the field with bruises, welts, and tattered clothing. However, if one chooses to wear some paintball armor this does not have to happen.

The last thing you will want is exposed skin, causing a potential for burnt skin, leaving a painful feeling much like a street rash or frost burn. It will be equally important to wear thick, layered clothing, preferably not your best in the closet.

Keep the weather in mind also, because that will be a strong factor in determining the material you choose to cover up with. It is not safe to be overheated in the summer and it is just as important to stay warm in the winter.

Remember to dress for the weather, never expose any parts of your skin, and at the same time, you need to be dressed in clothing that gives you the flexibility you will need to run, jump, crawl, squat and enjoy the full paintball experience while staying safe.

It is smart to choose dark colors that will camouflage you from the quick sight of your opponents.

Keeping Your Upper Body Safe

Remember that paintballs are semi-hard and can travel at a high velocity of speed, therefore when hit by one of these powerful balls, it can leave an uncomfortable feeling and a reminder on your clothing of just how powerful they can be.

Keeping all this in mind, you will want to wear a long sleeve tee-shirt or thermal shirt as a base, allowing you to add another layer. You will then want to add another long sleeve shirt to be sure you are padded in all the right places. Complete the upper torso with a sweatshirt or a hoodie. Of course, this all depends on the weather – if it’s hot outside, do not overdress or you may get heatstroke from all the action.

You have the option of purchasing clothing that is made specifically for paintball such as a paintball jersey, ghillie or sniper suits.

Ghillie Suits can make you a ghost in the woods – click the picture to view this one on Amazon

Most players prefer to suit up in their finest of old clothing and complete their look with a rain jacket or vest.

Keeping Your Lower Body Safe – Pants, Sweatpants, Cargo

No matter whether you enjoy playing indoors or out, there will be obstacles throughout the field, and when you are outside you will encounter rough terrain, rocks, mud, tree limbs, and other fine things of nature.

JT Paintball Pants - Cargo - Black

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For all these reasons, you will want to wear thick, yet baggy pants such as layers of sweatpants topped with an old pair of baggy jeans.

In warmer weather, you might wear a pair of thermals under the jeans so that you don’t risk heat exhaustion.

Cargo pants, jumpsuits, and pants that are made specifically for the sport are also favorites of the avid paintball players.

It is highly recommended that you wear a cup because occasionally you may encounter a painful low shot.

Protect Your Head and Eyes – Mask, Goggles, Helmet

It is crucial to protect your head and eyes from the dangers of being struck by one of those high-speed paintballs.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

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When preparing your gear, the most important piece of protection is a helmet or mask that is designed specifically for paintball competition.

Along with the paintball helmet or mask, you should wear additional headgear such as a winter cap, a fitted baseball cap that is worn backward, or even the hood of your hoodie will serve the purpose.

Be sure that your helmet or mask fits comfortably, but firmly on your face. A helmet or mask that is specifically for paintball is designed to cover your head, leaving nothing exposed.

Adding an additional pair of goggles to the helmet or mask is an extremely important and wise decision to make. Purchase a pair of goggles that are specifically designed for paintball, and make sure that the mask is compatible to wear with the goggles.

A pair of thermal style goggles is a smart decision because they are designed to prevent the mask from fogging up, causing a potential hazard. Typically, these are considered to be the best paintball masks. If I were to recommend someone a paintball mask mask I would most definitely tell them to get an anti fog paintball mask. A little extra money will go a long way.

You will want to be sure that your entire head, including your eyes and neck, are completely covered, leaving nothing exposed for the potential of serious injury occurring.

You may choose to purchase a sturdy neck protector for extra security and you can wear a turtleneck to keep your neck covered.

Hand Protection Is Not an Option, It Is a Must – Gloves

Keep in mind that your hands are also a target for severe injury, therefore when it comes to paintball, protecting your hands is not an option but rather a must!

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You may be thinking that you cannot complete the task in front of you by restricting your hands, but choosing the proper gloves will not prevent you from winning the game.

Gloves with added padding would be your best choice. Think football gloves, gardening gloves, or a pair of light-duty mechanic gloves when making your decision. You also have the option of buying specific gloves that are designed for the paintball sport.

Be sure that the gloves you choose cover your fingers completely, and if they are too thick you will set yourself up for disaster when pulling the trigger.

Never wear latex gloves, winter gloves, or welding gloves during the gameplay.

Keeping Your Feet in the Game – Shoes, Boots, Cleats

With all the running, ducking, and hiding that goes along with this game, it is quite possible that you may twist an ankle or injure a foot.

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Keeping this in mind while choosing the pair of shoes you will wear should steer you in the direction of high-quality hiking shoes, military boots, or a sturdy pair of cleats.

Choose a pair of closed-toe shoes and avoid wearing shoes with holes in them as this can cause exposure that will lead to a potential hazard.

Remember that happy feet make for a happy you, and when your feet are wet or uncomfortable, it can make for a miserable day on the field.

With all these thoughts and ideas, you should be ready to complete your gear and move onto the field.

Remember that safety should come first in every task you attempt followed by common sense when choosing what to wear for paintball, and you will be safe. Click here if you still need a good paintball marker.

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